Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

In addition to any contract between Southeast Streamline, Inc. (“Southeast Streamline”), and the carrier (“Carrier”), transport and deliver orders (“Orders”) are subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Non-Compliance with Orders. Carrier assumes liability for any claims, loss, damage, expenses, or liability including reasonable attorney’s fees arising from Carrier’s non-compliance with Orders including, but not limited to, container storage and overweight requirements.

2. USDA Inspections. Orders requiring USDA inspection at port are the full responsibility of the Carrier. Any Carrier that fails to obtain the proper USDA inspection of a container prior to delivery at port is fully liable for any and all fines, fees, claims, and per diems associated with this failure. Fines may exceed $5,000 per container and may include additional fines such as discrepancy in documentation, container seizures, overseas per diem charges, and failure to meet conditions of letter of credit.

3. Dispatch Communication. The Carrier must always coordinate the pickup or delivery appointment in advance with the loading or receiving facility unless otherwise stated on an Order. Southeast Streamline is not responsible for dry run charges if the proper facility is not contacted for scheduling or reconfirmation of the date and time within 24 hours of the Carrier being dispatched.

4. Driver Detention Time. The Carrier must notify Southeast Streamline prior to a Carrier driver beginning any detention time at a location. Southeast Streamline is not responsible to the Carrier for any compensation related to the Carrier’s driver detention in the event that the Carrier has not followed the proper notification procedures, including, but not limited to, (i) notifying Southeast Streamline prior to the commencement of detention time, and (ii) providing the proper proof of delivery documentation executed by the loading or receiving facility and including the detention time.

5. Inspection and Notification of Damage to Equipment. Carrier is responsible for inspecting all containers and chassis (“Equipment”) for damage (i) prior to Carrier accepting the Equipment and (ii) upon delivery of the Equipment to its destination. The Carrier must immediately notify Southeast Streamline of any damage to the Equipment with such notification including photographs of the damage and identifying marks of the Equipment, location of the Equipment, and cause of damage, if known. The Carrier must provide to Southeast Streamline the damage reports prior to leaving a loading or receiving facility.

6. Additional Fees. Southeast Streamline must approve any additional fees or charges prior to delivery date/port cut off.

7. Free-Time and Street Turning. The Carrier is solely responsible for confirming and adhering to any street time approval, free time, and last free day.

8. Contact Information. Any discrepancies, questions or concerns about the Order, ESPECIALLY appointment scheduling must be addressed with Southeast Streamline at info@southeaststreamline.com during receipt confirmation of order.